Imagine you got a transfer with a very short notice and have to move out of the city in a week. You definitely can’t carry all your stuffs along with you unless you find a place to settle in the new city. Here is one case where you will need the help of warehouse storage and in a most happening place like Dubai, to find the best warehouse isn’t easy. Not all moving and storage companies in Dubai provide the best warehouse storage facility though you might find a lot. The need of the customer might vary depending upon the material and time period of the storage of goods in warehouse. ELL has all it takes to give what you ask for.

Safe storage

ELL’s warehouse storage provides the best service for long/short term storage needs with customizable and elite features like anti-theft, anti-rodent, moist weather conditions, fire etc. with 24-hour CCTV and full-time security guards making sure no one except you can access your goods.

Separate units

We provide separate storage spaces for different categories of goods. Variable storage units are assigned for wooden goods, electronics, industrial materials, cargo goods, perishable materials etc. Our experts help you pack them accordingly so that it is safe from moisture and heat.

Cost effective

Our door to door cargo movers will be there at your abode/godown to pack and then collect the goods for the warehouse storage. The storage unit prices of ELL are very low as it is calculated as the warehouse cost per square foot. You don’t end up paying for the space that you aren’t using.

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There can be many reasons why you are looking for a warehouse. Considering the domestic reasons, it can be due to relocation, decluttering or renovation. But other than this, storage companies come handy for supply chain management companies where delivering the products within the deadline is important. Commercial warehouse is a different genre where manufacturers, importers, exporters, transport businesses etc. store the goods for easy supply and transport. So the reasons can be different but we have one solution. ELL’s logistics and warehouse management will take care of everything right from the collection of goods to deloading, packing, storing, checking it often for damages until you move it out from the storage unit. Your long search to find the best available warehouse space near me will come to an end. Talk to us, get the quote and keep moving!

Our warehouse is not just meant for industrial, logistic and long term storage. If your contract with the current building owner where you have your industry ends tomorrow and your new building takes a couple of days to set up, no worries. We are here to help you out! Call us and our experts will help you shift your industrial goods within hours and store it safe. We also provide 24 hour storage so that you don’t have to panic for a day’s delay in the business.

  • Our units are facilitated with 24-hour security with advanced fire and water protection system
  • Our transportation and warehousing are equipped with dock leveler to load and unload heavy materials
  • You can drive up to your self storage warehouse anytime to access your goods
  • You can drive up to your self storage warehouse anytime to access your goods
  • We have insurance facility for your goods that you hand over to us making us experts in global logistics management

Self storage is an interesting part then it comes to warehouse storing. Apart from commercial warehouse, when you want to store your domestic or personal belongings, this self storage feature of ours will come handy. Different types of spaces like rooms, lockers, containers etc are rented when it comes to self storage. We also provide boxes if necessary and lock it and hand over the keys to you during the storage process so that only you can access your stuffs. Our experts will assist you to give the best tips in packing and storage depending upon what kind of goods is to be stored. Our storage unit prices are also very low when it comes to this.

To be the best in logistics and warehouse management doesn’t happen overnight. It needs a lot of experience and expertise to excel in it. ELL’s years of experience in global logistics management makes it the best option to plan you move/storage with. You needn’t trust what we say, but you can rely on the customer reviews to make your choice because customers never lie and you know it. When many moving and storage companies in Dubai give fake promises that can never be fulfilled, we are very clear in what we have and what we give. We talk only about things that we can give. Nothing more…nothing less!


You can use our warehouse like an extended store room of your house! Yes, we aren’t joking. Not all storage companies maintain clear inventories and provide easy access to the users whenever they are in need. Our trained professionals render upholstery maintenance of the goods keeping a regular check on the package and storage systems. If you aren’t sure about how much space you might need, talk to us. Our experts are here to help you out with all your queries. Tell them about the volume and quantity of the goods and they will suggest you the space needed. If the goods are vulnerable to climatic conditions, we have specially designed temperature controlled storage facilities also. Our spaces are smart enough for quick uploading and retrieving as it reduces hassles and makes it even better.

Membership and Affiliation

Trust is the base foundation of a moving company and it just gets better when it has a certification. ELL is proud to announce that we are one of the top IAM certified international movers where IAM is a global association of forwarders and movers who are committed to provide the customers with the highest level of service. Being an honored member of an international federation just makes our service better as we have more partners and contacts with international moving companies all around the globe. We are one of the best IAM certified international movers who will be at your service during your move. Right from planning to packing to arranging transport and then unpacking stuffs, we also include international furniture removals to assure the best relocation experience. We adopt your concern as ours and work towards the perfect solution.

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EXPERTISE IN WHAT WE DO: We focus on client satisfaction and we do all that it takes to bring a smile on our client’s face. This makes us on one of the best in global logistics management. We believe every client is special and so, every client needs special attention and an extraordinary service. Our extensive storage spaces are customizable and it is true to the value that you pay. We don’t ask for more- absolutely not even a penny more. You don’t end up paying for the space which you haven’t used. Once you are done storing in your goods, our professionals will calculate the space used and then you just have to pay for what you use. Simple! Our environment friendly storage methods benefit the clients as well as the nature. To add on to all this, when you know that you are making your move with one of the top international movers which is a certified member of IAM, PCG, IMA, NAFL, FIATA etc., what more do you need to talk to us and get the pricing?

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