Moving to a new city is always fun but the moment when you can pack everything else except your car, puts you in trauma because your car is not just a vehicle but a part of your life. You can never leave it behind. Considering the risk of driving all the way to the new abode, will definitely ooze out your energy and time. So, finding the best among the many car shipping companies in Dubai to ship your car is never easy. The factors like international car shipping cost, moving truck hire prices and rentals, safety and security, car insurance and custom clearance will puzzle you. But chill, we are here!


When you choose ELL to ship your car among other auto shipping companies, we owe you the best relocation experience. We provide moving vans for rent and if needed, also provide a man with truck movers to ensure everything is in place as asked.


No matter what car you have or how many you wish to move, our moving truck services has customized 12ft truck, 16ft truck and 20ft truck to move all types of vehicles to your dream city. We just don’t ship your car but also take care of the custom clearance, car insurance and other paper works.


Overseas car shipping companies aren’t cheap when it comes to their services. Since there is a lot of process involved in worldwide car shipping, experience and dedication matters when it comes to handling something as valuable as your car and our intensity towards safe transport engulfs it during the process.

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Imagine you parked your car on the sideways and realized later that it got a scratch or dent on its body. How terrible would you feel? You can never let that feeling go off soon because that’s how close your vehicle is to you. ELL’s moving truck services takes all this to point before moving your car/vehicle from your place and makes sure all the relocation cars are delivered without any minor mark or scratch. You don’t have to compromise doing a furniture removal truck hire to ship your car. Our moving truck customized for vehicle transport will ease your vehicle relocation experience. Whether you need a mini 12ft truck or a huge 20ft truck, we have all that. Worldwide car shipping is now as easy as sending a courier. Now, you just have to say- ship my car to UK, US, etc…pheww!! There it goes in ELL’s moving truck.

Planning car shipping from Dubai to Europe? The first thing you have to do is to list down your requirements and then get the quote from the best auto shipping companies. Moving truck hire prices and rentals are generally high when it comes to international relocations but ELL provides budget-friendly, hassle-free and tension-less vehicle relocation to anywhere in the world. If you need a truck for moving furniture and other luggage, we have that too.

  • Our moving truck services, ship your vehicle within 7-14 days to anywhere in the world
  • Our moving van has online tracking system so that you can always keep yourself posted on the status
  • Our international car shipping cost is very reasonable when compared to the other overseas car shipping companies
  • Our moving truck services are available everywhere in Dubai
  • We assure zero damage to your vehicle during the entire process

Are you fed up searching - moving truck rental near me? A lot of overseas car shipping companies will flood your homepage when you search for one to safely dispatch your vehicle to the new city. Hiring trucks is another headache as the moving truck hire prices will again empty your pockets. Relocation itself is an expensive exercise and along with that, moving your belongings, yourself and your vehicle all the way to the new city will impact your whole budget plan. To choose the right auto shippers and international car shipping company is the only huddle towards saving your pockets.

ELL’s moving pickup truck rental is customized to the core that apart from the extraordinary service that is provided, we accept all kinds of payment systems to make the customer experience better. Right from credit cards, debit cards and e-checks, we accept payments through online methods also. When car transport companies are struggling to get more customers through ads and campaigns, ELL stands out by showing its quality service through nothing except customer quotes that speaks on its own. Each happy customer has left a happy quote thanking us and we have treasured all those in our website. That alone will speak for us.


Once you confirm to ship your vehicle with ELL, our team will meet you to note down the model number, preferred shipping method, the estimated date and other specifications if any. We will explain the whole process involved and will share the cost including the moving van rental and paper works costs. ELL’s auto shippers and international car shipping will send the plan to you and will assign trained professionals to take care of the vehicle while packing and uploading it into the truck. There is no extra charge for moving pickup truck rental even if there is a truck change involved during the process. We provide live tracking of your vehicle throughout the entire process until it is unpacked at the final destination. Regardless of the challenges of remote and secluded locations, we will make sure that your vehicle reaches the desired destination at any cost.

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Trust is the base foundation of a moving company and it just gets better when it has a certification. ELL is proud to announce that we are one of the top IAM certified international movers where IAM is a global association of forwarders and movers who are committed to provide the customers with the highest level of service. Being an honored member of an international federation just makes our service better as we have more partners and contacts with international moving companies all around the globe. We are one of the best IAM certified international movers who will be at your service during your move. Right from planning to packing to arranging transport and then unpacking stuffs, we also include international furniture removals to assure the best relocation experience. We adopt your concern as ours and work towards the perfect solution.

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