If your moving company does not take up the packing process and you are left with no choices than to pack it yourself or if you are a Do It Yourself person, don’t just put in all what you see around! There are some “non- allowable” goods which are not supposed to come into the packing list during a house shift.Here are a few packing tips regard..

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If you are all set and confident enough to start your packing process and shift to your new house by surfing through articles on how to pack while moving, what not to pack and hacks to pack moving boxes and similar stuffs, then wait! You have left out something crucial! Will you ever have a perfect move if your boxes are not securely packed? Of cou..

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Pleasant wishes for your new abode! It is obvious that all the pomp and glamour of getting a new living space just vanishes off when it comes to packing and moving. Packing your boxes and moving to the new space is the most loathed task for everyone. But of course! You just can’t neglect it on grounds of laziness because you just can’t simply walk..

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