What not to pack when planning to move
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What not to pack when planning to move

    If your moving company does not take up the packing process and you are left with no choices than to pack it yourself or if you are a Do It Yourself person, don’t just put in all what you see around! There are some “non- allowable” goods which are not supposed to come into the packing list during a house shift.

Here are a few packing tips regarding what not to pack when moving your house.


Aerosol cans and explosives

    Will you ever want your shifting to end up in a disaster? Never have I guessed! Here are few substances which on ignorance will bring in a catastrophe into your moving process.

Aerosol spray: Anything including bottles which holds payload or any propellant under pressure, regardless of its content like hairspray, paint, perfume etc falls into the ‘not allowed’ list as the compressed pressure may explode and bring in a disaster.

Flammable: Inflammable substances, neither huge are small from Sterno, lighter fluid, matches, lighters to chemistry sets are prohibited from the packing list.

Nail polish and removers: Though it falls under the category of cosmetics, they too are strictly banned to be in the packing boxes as they are flammable when it comes in contact with fire sparks.

Fire extinguishers: Since the basic purpose of it is to extinguish fire, don’t consider it to be a safe object to include in your moving list as the compressed material on pressure is likely to explode and destroy the whole packing and moving process.

Any gas in bottles: It is strictly restricted to take in any bottled gases including oxygen or propane into packing while shifting houses because gases may leak and react with other substances to form explosives.

All substances like paints, varnishes, thinners, solvents and oils which are flammable, are to be kept aside while packing.

Household cleaners and pool cleaners like Ammonia, bleach etc falls under not to pack list as they may leak and damage the other objects.

Batteries including the small ones to the large car batteries are also ‘not- allowable’ in the packing list due to the chances of breakage and explosion.

Perishable food items

    Confused on seeing food items in the not to pack list? Oh wait! They aren’t hazardous for sure but they may attract rats and insects which may damage your property. So how ever tasty they may be, keep them aside. There is no room for it while moving. And don’t throw it away, donate it to the needy and earn some blessings before you shift!

Frozen or refrigerated food should be kept aside as the moisture may seep and damage the other packed objects. Moreover, you never know how long the luggage will take to reach your new abode, so better avoid chances of opening stinky boxes.

Open food items are more likely to get perished. So avoid them in your packing and keep away food enclosed in containers which can be crushed and leaked.

Dairy products are strictly not allowed as they are easily perishable.

Produce: Any farm produced crops and goods including fruits, vegetables, grains, meats etc are to be not included in the moving list.


Personally valuable items

    It is not recommended to pack your Identification cards, money etc in the boxes because who knows when you will need it.

Cash and check books should never be packed because you may need it any time.

Identity cards and airline tickets are to be kept in your personal bag as your luggage will fly and you may get stuck.

Files and documents: All the computer backup files and the work files should be carried along with you as any kind of damage or loss is irreversible. Documents including insurance policy files, medical records, school records, financial documents etc containing personal details should also be not packed in the courier boxes.

Cell phones and laptops are to be handled with extreme care, so carry them with you.

Family photos and home videos should also be carried along with you as they contain personal information about you.

Jewellery, collections and keys to anything are very much valuable and hence it is not recommended to let the packing and moving company take care of them.

Carry basic medicines along with you so that you won’t be left in vain in case of headaches and dizziness.


Miscellaneous list

    What not to pack is not a small list in deed. There are still many which you should keep away while planning to move.

Alcohol is one of the most dangerous and common substance to pack as you know it is flammable.

Ammunition: Bullets, bombs or any form of weapons or loaded guns should not be included in the packing list as it may let in havoc.

Fertilisers and pesticides are recommended to be not included while packing as their leakage to a small amount and mixing up with other substances can cause irritation and diseases.

Plants (both indoor and outdoor), fresh herbs and flowers are to be excluded from the packing list as they are likely to attract bugs and insects which may affect the other substances too.

It is highly restricted to pack your pets along with your luggage. Pack them separately or take them with you!

Poisons are highly restricted to be packed while moving as it may leak and poison other materials.

While packing clothes, always make sure you avoid those clothes which doesn’t fit you anymore. It is always wastage of space to carry unwanted materials to the new living space.

While making a checklist, make sure you exclude anything broken or anything which can’t be repaired from your packing list as broken things will shatter further while moving and create unwanted annoyance during the shifting day.

Always remember to leave that furniture which do not fit in your new apartment as packing and shifting them is not a cake walk task.


    Why should you invite unwanted headaches while packing and moving to your new apartment? Go through these simple tips on what not to pack while moving so that no confusion prevails while shifting. Packing will no longer be a hectic task!



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