Planning for a big Move? Know the essential packing supplies before moving
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Planning for a big Move? Know the essential packing supplies before moving

If you are all set and confident enough to start your packing process and shift to your new house by surfing through articles on how to pack while moving, what not to pack and hacks to pack moving boxes and similar stuffs, then wait! You have left out something crucial! Will you ever have a perfect move if your boxes are not securely packed? Of course, NO! Here you have the list of all the packing supplies to ensure that your boxes are packed safe and secure and thereby bring in a smooth move to the new abode.

Moving Boxes / Cardboard Boxes

Boxes of various sizes are a prior requirement for the entire packing process because you never know what you have to pack until you start doing it. Small boxes, medium sized boxes, large boxes, extra large boxes, divided boxes etc will be required to pack your moving essentials intact. Divided boxes will help much to pack materials which you doesn’t want to mix up- can be objects from two rooms, objects which come under separate labels.


Shipping tapes, duct tapes, masking tapes and painter’s tapes are to be purchased before you start your packing. Don’t forget tape dispensers as you will need it when using tapes. Duct tapes will really help you as they are water resistant and thereby will stay intact even if your box comes in contact with moisture and it is also used to tape ammunition. Masking tapes will help in labelling the packed boxes as you can write on them.

Scissors and box cutters

The whole packing process will definitely need a lot of cutting processes for which you will definitely need scissors. Box cutters are also a relevant essential while packing as at times you may find the boxes to be bigger and then, you may be in a need to cut them short where you will be in need of box cutters.

Sticker labels

If you are not using masking tapes, then you will have to use sticker labels to mark your boxes as you will be left in vain if you don’t know what your each box contains.

Permanent markers and coloured markers

To label the boxes, you will have to get permanent markers so that the name doesn’t fade away and get some coloured markers too to enable coloured coding for the rooms. If no, then get some coloured stickers so that boxes from each room will be marked with one colour sticker for easy identification while packing and moving.

Packing materials

Packing papers, bubble wraps, your own linen, newsprint or any such materials can come under packing materials as you will need them to keep your stuffs safe and protect them from any damage. Packing paper can be used to wrap glasses, plates and other delicate objects. Moving plastic wrap can help you put up your wardrobe hangings into it and make it easy for you while unpacking your things in the new abode.

Hand truck and dolly

You may not be able to lift all your packed boxes by yourself. Don’t strain your back! Get some hand trucks and dolly to easily shift your packed boxes from one place to the other. Lifting straps will also help you to lift your boxes easily without damaging the contents.

Gloves for your hands

Packing and moving day is not going to be that clean as you imagine. You will have to deal with all the dirt which has been on the hidden and unreachable corner of the furniture which you will have to meet. Get gloves for your hands and protect your hands from dirt as well as from any minor cuts and damages.

Ropes and twines

You will be in need of a lot of ropes, twines and tie- downs to neatly pack your belongings. You will need twines to tie down the cords which you take out to your new home. Furniture will also need to be tied so that it does not move and get damaged during the shifting process.

Blankets and clothes

As you are taking your blankets and clothes to the new place, don’t pack them separately. Instead use them to protect fragile objects like glassware, plates, furniture, mirrors, electronic materials etc.

Felt pads

When you are in the packing process, you will definitely need to move heavy furniture here and there in your house. This will cause scratches to the floor as well as to the furniture legs. It is recommended to use felt pads under the furniture legs to prevent damage.

Basic cleaning supplies

Make sure you clean all the materials from your old space before you pack it for your new space. Brooms, dustpans, multi-purpose and glass cleaners, paper towels etc will be useful to clean both the new and old abode.


A clipboard will help you a lot while moving as you can keep all the paper works regarding the moving process in the clipboard and ensure you don’t lose any of the papers. Checklists can also be added in the clipboard where you can easily check what to pack and what is left out during the shifting process.

Furniture covers

It is always recommended to cover your furniture while moving to prevent it from dust. You will get large plastic covers for the same purpose in the market.

Rubber bands

Though rubber band seems to be a small essential, it will play a major role in the packing process. You will need it to fix small plastic covers and large covers and boxes to keep the small items intact.

Tool box

Don’t wonder why you will need a tool box while shifting. You will need screw drivers, drillers and such materials to remove stuffs hanged on the walls of your old space and then to fix it up too, you will be in need of tools.

There is always a right way to deal with each thing. Nothing is difficult with the right way and right materials. Get the tips and turn your life into something as simple as that.  

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