Top 5 hacks for packing boxes for a successful move
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Top 5 hacks for packing boxes for a successful move

Pleasant wishes for your new abode! It is obvious that all the pomp and glamour of getting a new living space just vanishes off when it comes to packing and moving. Packing your boxes and moving to the new space is the most loathed task for everyone. But of course! You just can’t neglect it on grounds of laziness because you just can’t simply walk into your new apartment without packing and relocating your belongings.

Except furniture and such huge materials, all the rest of the items are to be confined in boxes for the shifting process and so, here are the top 5 hacks to inform you on the ways to let you handle the boxes with ease while shifting.

Obtaining packing boxes

Since your expenses are always going to get high while shifting, it is recommended to get free packing boxes to pack your belongings. Don’t go and ask Google where you will get free boxes! Just approach your nearby Vitamin Shoppe, Liquor store, home goods shops, electronic shops etc during a non- busy hour and be nice and polite when you ask for the favor and there you get free boxes to pack!

Always see that you choose new, double walled and firm boxes to pack while moving as boxes with tears, rips, punctures etc are more likely to collapse while shifting. It is better to test the durability of the boxes before starting the packing process. It is recommended to use original boxes for electronics as it will fit in to the boxes and make it easy to move.

Estimate the number of boxes you will need to hold all your belongings during the shifting process. Reinforce the bottom of the packing boxes before the packing process so that your belonging does not slip down during the moving process.

While packing fragile objects

Liquor boxes and vitamin boxes will help you out much in packing glasses as these boxes has inbuilt bottle holders where the glasses will be held in tight and thereby prevent it from any kind of damage. All kinds of stemware, barware, vases and glasses can be packed in such boxes to bring in an effortless shift.

While packing plates in your boxes, use foam plates in between to prevent scratches and breakage and make sure you place the plates in vertical direction as it will reduce the extra weight and pressure on each plates as in case of being stacked.

Labeling the boxes

Placing labels on your boxes will really help you out a lot while moving and unpacking. Either use room labels to mark the boxes or use markers to write on the packed boxes to assist you while moving and unpacking, to know what it contains. Label them like a boss! Make sure you label on both sides and not on the top as when stacked, you won’t be able to figure out what the label is all about. If you wish to take it to a tech savvy level, smart storage labels are also available in the markets where you can place the label on the box, scan the label and then see the contents in the box for yourself using the app. This will definitely help if your box contains miscellaneous objects and you just can’t label them in one heading.

It is always suggested to number the boxes and keep a list of it with you so that you can easily keep track of them while packing, moving and unpacking. Numbering the boxes will help you easily check out whether you have left any of your packed boxes in between the shifting process.

Ensure tight and safe packing

Before you start placing anything in your box, make sure you place soft items at the bottom of the box so that moving and placing boxes will turn out to be much easier than before. Don’t throw away unwanted cushions, bed sheets, blankets, stuffed animals, bubble wrap etc because they will help you out a lot to ensure that your boxes are packed tight. These materials must be used to fill in the left out spaces in the packed boxes so that your materials inside stay stiff while moving.

Especially while packing fragile objects, these stuffed animals and soft materials will help much and in case of packing clothes, make sure you roll them to save spaces and make it a tight packing. Always place the heavier items on the bottom and the lighter objects on top to avoid breakage due to pressure.


For easy handling of boxes

 While sorting materials to place in the packing box make sure you keep away heavy objects as it is always recommended to place heavy objects in suitcases with wheels so that moving will be much easy. Try to avoid lifting heavy items during the shifting process as it will turn you more hectic. Remember to weigh the boxes while packing so as the limit of the box does not exceed 20Kg. Stuffing your box with more weight will tear off the bottom of the box, putting all your stuffs on the road.

While packing boxes, make sure you never leave your boxes with objects popping out of it as they will surely collapse amidst the shifting saga. Make sure the boxes are sealed perfectly for a perfect move.

Boxes are not easy to hold and lift as there is nothing to ensure a perfect grip. To sort out this issue, it is recommended to tie strong durable ropes around boxes such that they don’t come out so that the movers can easily hold these ropes to lift the boxes. Another remedy is to cut handles into the sides of cardboard boxes so that they could be easily held and moved during house shifting.

Just don’t drop your shoulders worrying about the whole packing process! Stiff your spine, take a few seconds to go through these tips, brush up your packing knowledge and then start for your big day!

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